Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Glass |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Glass

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Vail, CO Colorado

We would like to ask all of our friends to re-elect Mike Glass to the Holy Cross Board of Directors. We have now known Mike for five years and fully support his endeavors on the Holy Cross board. The continuity of having him on the board again would allow for current initiatives to keep rolling forward without a new learning curve for someone new to come onto the board.

Mike’s family and our family met through a “new baby” class, so we initially got to know Mike as a committed and fun-loving father. Through the years, we have learned more about Mike. When we think of Mike, we think of a fun, soft-spoken guy who loves to be involved in the community.

Not only is Mike a successful and honest local banker, a loyal high-school football official, a continual volunteer for numerous nonprofits and a WECMRD board member, he is a fun guy! Mike is great with people and is always willing to listen to input from those around him. He is the one who listens more than he talks. When he does talk, what he says is meaningful and thoughtful. This is the personality we want to have on the board of directors.

Again, please join us for supporting the re-election of Mike Glass to the Holy Cross Board of Directors.

Thank you for your support

Rick and Ashley Patriacca

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