Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Hoy sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Hoy sheriff

John Lovett
Vail, CO, Colorado

Joe Hoy should remain as Eagle County sheriff. Living in the Vail valley one is aware that we are in tough economic times. Real estate taxes will go down, and the consequence is the county government budget is going to take a hit. Numerous services will be cut and the budget for the Sheriff’s Office is likely to take its share. Of all the services the county provides, public safety is among the most important. I hope the county commissioners think long and hard about how much they cut this critical department, but cut it I am sure they will.

Given the two candidates for sheriff, the one best equipped to make the case for what is minimum we can live with and when cuts are going too far is Joe Hoy. We do not need someone who chose to work out of the country for eight years and now comes back and thinks he knows what is best for Eagle County.

This is not the time for “vocational training”! Sheriff Hoy has provided us with the highest level of safety and service for the last eight years, and we need him to guide us through these challenging times. Mail in your ballot or vote Nov. 2 for Joe Hoy.

John Lovett


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