Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Hoy |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Hoy

Bill Loper
Vail, CO, Colorado

Joe Hoy is a major asset in Eagle County. We have an opportunity for keeping him with us for another four years. We should grab such an opportunity.

Joe has a very strong relationship with the county commissioners, the towns in the county, and the state service agencies. He was just elected by his peers to serve as an officer in the Colorado State Sheriff’s Association.

Joe has shown he has the skills for and demonstrated the leadership to protect the citizens in Eagle County.

He has dedicated time and resources for the prevention side of his responsibilities. He founded workshops on self-defense methods as well as setting a new and unusual program with the that has been named “Sidney,” a drunk-driving simulator which demonstrates the effects of drinking alcohol and driving for middle school students.

He also started the department drug abuse resistance education program DARE for local schoolchildren.

The unprecedented economic times faced by the county, which will probably remain a major challenge for some years, coupled with managing a $10 million budget, will be better served with a dedicated man who already has eight years experience to guide him in seeing problems early and dealing with them.

The Republican primary election is a key towards keeping Joe. I urge all of you to support him in this effort.

Bill Loper


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