Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Lynn Dwyer |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Lynn Dwyer

Joe Helminski
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a Holy Cross Energy member, I am writing this letter to express my strong support of Lynn Dwyer for re-election to the Holy Cross Board of Directors. Lynn currently serves as the board vice president and is admirably the board voice for working families and small businesses. Lynn brings a hardworking fiscally conservative approach to her position.

Throughout the Holy Cross territory, Lynn is known as owner of Dwyer Greens and Flowers. It is at her home and greenhouses where she leads by example in promoting energy efficiency with solar electric and solar thermal systems. Also, recently installed energy curtains in Dwyer Green’s main greenhouse reduce the use of electricity, propane and cooling water. These experiences give Lynn a strong understanding of the potential benefits as well as the challenges us as members may face with these decisions.

As the vice president of the board, she has been a strong advocate of continuing and expanding energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Lynn approaches her board position with the budget concerns of Holy Cross members in mind, while helping our co-op move forward. Lynn is committed to fair and stable rates, clean energy and innovative programs to help members use energy wisely and save money.

As a landscaper, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lynn directly and it is a pleasure to know we can always count on her. I encourage you to join me in support and vote to re-elect Lynn Dwyer.

Joe Helminski


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