Vail Daily letter: Ready for new sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Ready for new sheriff

Bob Foley
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would like express my excitement about the prospects of getting a new sheriff in the valley. I am supporting Charles Wolf for Eagle County sheriff.

I think Sheriff Hoy has done an admiral job. But it’s time for a change. Sheriff Hoy has been in office for eight years.

Charles Wolf brings 13 years of front-line experience of dealing with bad guys. Charles Wolf has been on the streets for 13 years.

And I think at this juncture in the economy, with desperation and crime increasing, I would like a young, experienced sheriff.

A sheriff who has new ideas and embraces all the new technology available to law enforcement. A sheriff who has the courage to enforce the laws of the land. A sheriff who believes illegal immigration is against the law. A sheriff that actually has a strategy to enforce these laws.

Charles is an Operation Desert Storm veteran. And he is committed to Eagle Valley.

His wife is originally from the valley and they intend to raise their family here.

I think a young father would be an awesome sheriff for this valley.

Bob Foley


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