Vail Daily letter: Ready to pay those guards? |

Vail Daily letter: Ready to pay those guards?

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Terry Quinn: In your letter, “Solutions needed,” March 8, you criticize my letter, “Armed guards impractical,” March 1. You stated that I had “joined Henry Bornstein in criticizing the idea of armed guards in schools.” My words: “There is validity to his argument, and the proposal to have armed guards in all schools is flawed,” with emphasis on the word “all.”

Did you read all of my letter? Did you read the sentence that states that one multistory building with limited entry and exit points is one example where one armed guard make sense? Or how about the one in which I write, “Grade schools and middle schools that are single building may also have potential for a single armed guard?”

Of course you read these. Since these opinions were counter to your need for criticism, you ignored them.

You reference my thinking that campuses that spread over many acres may have 10-12 buildings and dozens of entry and exit points may need multiple guards, and that scenario increases the risk of unintended consequences without offering an argument.

Can I assume that you are in agreement? Can I assume that you are personally prepared to pay these guards through the school mill levy? We are not talking about bar bouncers with guns. We are talking about guards to whom we entrust the lives of our children.

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As for arming teachers, my mother was a career grade-school teacher and a crack shot with a rifle. She taught in the 1940s and 1950s. Had she been asked to carry a gun to her grade-school class, she would have resigned. Have you considered the number of teachers who will refuse to carry a loaded gun to class? Have you considered the considerable raise in pay that armed teachers would demand and deserve for not just being a teacher but becoming a teacher, plus cop?

I am sure you’re willing to pay that extra mill levy, as well. You’d better be, because the written word has an endless memory.

Do I have a solution to the problem of school violence? No, I don’t.

But I can recognize a bad idea when I see one, and the solution to reducing gun violence is not more guns.

And if my doormat quote that was unrelated to armed guard in schools is considered by you to be a “gun-free zone,” then I characterize your letter as a “fact-free letter.”

Jim Cameron

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