Vail Daily letter: Reality setting in for county |

Vail Daily letter: Reality setting in for county

Beric Christiansen
Vail, CO, Colorado

A recent article said that Eagle County would need to cut spending back to the level it had in 2005 and lay off a number of people to do this. I believe that last year a mailing from Eagle County showed that the county had increased spending almost 50 percent in five years. Why did this happen?

The answer is that the county commissioners that we either have now or were recently term limited thought that they could continuously spend more and more as the residents of the county would just continue to pay for whatever programs they devised for spending our money.

This is why we got outrageous wastes of money like the supposed demonstration landscaping at the county building, day care implemented over the objections of voters, trading in perfectly good county vehicles for “green cars” at higher prices, airport naming and logo consultants and a county real estate department that competes with local real estate brokers. With the current state of real estate in the county property taxes are going to drop dramatically and so will the county revenues. Reality is beginning to set in with the current government.

The county’s situation is not much different than what we have nationally. Both governments just continue to add programs, take money from the private sector and add more government jobs even though population and what is required of government has not changed dramatically. I don’t believe that there was any need to increase spending in this county by 50 percent in a five year period except that the commissioners had the money rolling in and had to find a way to spend it.

The people who pay the taxes in Eagle County need to ask themselves why the county needed all the extra people that they are now laying off. Won’t the county still get the job done with fewer people? The answer is that the county certainly will and that a number of those employees probably should never have been hired but the money was sitting there burning a hole in their pocket so why not spend it?

Now we are paying severance pay to eliminate the jobs. What were these county employees doing that was so critical before if they aren’t needed now? The only area of increased employment during the recession are the government jobs.

The reason that the 9.12 groups and the tea party are growing is that people are finally waking up to what is going on at all levels of their government all the way down to the county and town level. The constitutions aren’t followed.

When you go to vote this year and in the future spend a few moments becoming an informed citizen and reflecting on your government,what it has been doing and should be doing. Use your vote to protest the confiscation of your wages that has been and continues to go on by voting for some new candidates who will be responsive to those who elect them.

Beric Christiansen


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