Vail Daily letter: Recycling dilemma in Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Recycling dilemma in Vail

Doug Bays
Vail, CO, Colorado

During a half time break of a Euchre game, we went to my porch for a smoke break. We all had beer bottles in tow, and one of my friends asked me where to recycle his empty bottle. My response began a heated argument.

I told him to pitch it in the trash, and he was utterly disappointed with me. However, I am utterly disappointed with Vail.

I moved to Vail in September of last year after a year-long world bicycle tour starting in San Francisco. My expectation of Vail was to make a home in a place where green initiatives like recycling would be embraced. Vail has fallen grossly short of my expectations.

Upon moving in, my roommates investigated how to recycle because our property managers did not already include it in our rent. What we found out is that there is no curbside recycling options for our domicile in Intermountain. We can’t even pay to have it hauled away!

I don’t have a car. Thus, my method to dispose of bottles would be to put them in a container, get on the West Vail Red (comes once an hour in summer), ride for 20 minutes to take the municipal building stop, and then carry the rubbish a few hundred yards to the recycling center.

Otherwise, I have to store them in our apartment and hope one of my roommates drives the recycling cross town on my behalf. Needless to say, our apartment was a recycling mess until I started to pitch it directly in the trash. I felt awful for doing so, but I was tired of living in Skid Row.

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Vail needs to step up to the green plate or quit acting like a green-friendly place.

Doug Bays