Vail Daily letter: RED just out for themselves |

Vail Daily letter: RED just out for themselves

Julia Denault Parker
Vail, CO, Colorado

I understand that the property in east Eagle is slated to have regional retail. I understand Eagle is looking for ways to sustain. I am not against a smart growth idea out in the Eagle River Station pasture. I am against a monstrosity of big box stores and concrete taking the place of that beautiful meadow-pasture and making our beautiful town of Eagle just another ugly, over-developed spot on I-70 with no character.

What is so hard for RED Development, if they truly want to be part of our community, to come up with an idea that the townspeople will accept with open arms and support? Where is the creativity and thinking outside the box to help Eagle maintain our smalltown, ranch community?

The smalltown character is why I moved down here from upvalley in 1996. I have lived in the valley since 1987. And before that I lived in Breckenridge, way before it turned into Disneyland.

When I came downvalley to Eagle, I said this is great, an old established town, growing in a responsible manner. Wow, was I wrong.

Since Eagle Ranch was approved, we have been sailing down the wrong path. I think the developers of Eagle Ranch did a good job in trying to make it blend, but have you noticed all the empty retail space in Eagle Ranch?

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And The Broadway Grill space is still empty? RED Development is not exempt from the recession that we are all experiencing. Why would they even want to put themselves in such a precarious financial situation? And more importantly, why would our elected officials want to participate in such a precarious financial disaster waiting to happen and put the town of Eagle and its citizens at risk?

As a voting citizen of the town of Eagle, I implore the council to re-evaluate the overall concept of RED’s proposed development. We as a town two years ago told them “no” and we, the town, do not want what they are proposing.

I was invited and participated in RED’s focus groups. RED did not listen to one word of what was shared at the focus group I attended by both “yes” and “no” voters. They just came back with a bigger and much worse concept.

RED is not listening to anyone in the town of Eagle. RED is out for RED and absolutely no one else. And I am angry that I am having to spend time explaining and pleading with fellow community members, including the town council members, that ERS is a bad idea.

I have not visited with one of my neighbors or other town voting citizens who want to see ERS come to fruition, not one. The Town Board is supposed to represent the people’s will. Hello!

Please, please reconsider and ask RED to either come back with something that enhances our smalltown, ranch community or sell it to someone wo really does want to be part of our community. Can we, please, move on?!

Before signing off, I would like to thank Brandi Resa, Jan Rosenthal Townsend, Rosie Shearwood, Shawn Colby and all others who took time out of their week to attend the meetings. Thank goodness for their conscientious efforts. And if you have not already done so…I would go to and relisten to Shawn’s words from the March 7 Town Board meeting. He represents the heart of Eagle.

Julia Denault Parker


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