Vail Daily letter: Religion shouldn’t dictate law |

Vail Daily letter: Religion shouldn’t dictate law

Tom Thompson
Vail, CO, Colorado

It’s a wonderful country in which we live. People are allowed to respectfully disagree with another’s personal beliefs (or lack of). It’s one of the many great things about this country.

Another is not having those beliefs forced upon another. I don’t care what your religion is as long as it isn’t imposed on me and my personal beliefs. They are, after all, personal.

Paul Gallagher obviously has strong personal beliefs that inspired him to respond to Richard Carnes and his personal beliefs (or lack of).

Mr. Gallagher has a pretty precise definition of beliefs based on what he has found to be his version of “the truth.” That “truth” is the Bible. And he has chosen a particular version of the Bible to help form his personal beliefs.

I’m not a Greek or Hebrew language expert, but many biblical scholars have interpreted the passages he quotes in a variety of ways. Choose the one you find works for you, and go with it. It doesn’t matter to most of the rest of us.

The problem comes when these religious beliefs dictate law in this country. We have the Second Amendment to protect us from that. One’s sexual preference is none of another’s business, and it’s certainly not any of the government’s business.

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Some feel that homosexuality is a sin. Others don’t see it that way. But basing law upon personal religious beliefs is not what this country is about. (It does work in some repressive countries, though – like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.).

Anybody should be allowed to marry anybody (assuming legal age), and it’s none of our business. And they deserve the same privileges as any other.

Otherwise, it is discrimination based on religion, and we have a Constitution to protect us from that.

The Bible I learned while growing up was pretty much about loving your neighbor as yourself and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

It told us that we are all sinners and that it isn’t our place to judge. We shouldn’t judge others, and we certainly shouldn’t pass laws to stop people from loving one another, being able to show that love and having all the legal benefits that those unions enjoy.

It shouldn’t be an issue. Lets keep our personal beliefs personal.

Tom Thompson