Vail Daily letter: Religion’s place |

Vail Daily letter: Religion’s place

Dr. William Pintzow
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dick Gust’son (Valley Voices: “History of church and state”) calls the separation of church and state in our country a “fiction,” but it is the reality of this separation that is one of the major reasons for the greatness and attractiveness of our country.

This “separation business,” as he calls it, is one of the bedrocks of our Constitution.

Jefferson’s letter about the “wall of separation between church and state” did indicate that religion was to be protected from the government but it also indicated that the people were to be protected from religion. One reason our forefathers escaped from Europe to the New World was to be free from the entwinement of religion and government. The writers of our Constitution were well aware of this fact.

Mr. Gustafson claims the Supreme Court made decisions based on faulty logic. What are his credentials to have superior logic?

He then rants about such “progressives” as Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt as trying to destroy the principles of our nation. What poppycock! Perhaps he should look up the definition of progressive. Mr. Gustafson ends his letter by saying, “Think about it.” I did, and I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I believe his column belongs in file 13.

Dr. William Pintzow


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