Vail Daily letter: Remembering Tim |

Vail Daily letter: Remembering Tim

Barbara Joseph Gress
Westland, Mich.
Vail, CO Colorado

As a former Vail Police Department dispatcher, I read the news of Tim Cochrane’s death with great sadness. I worked with him from around 1989 through 1995. I can confidently say there are way more than a few people who would not be alive today if not for him. He was great to work with, a great teacher and a great human being. He never once hesitated to put himself in harm’s way on behalf of other people. He never complained about the 1 a.m. call-outs (in sub-zero weather) to look for hunters, who often times ended up safe in some bar. He never complained about answering questions and helping dispatchers get better at handling rescues and helping him help others.

I lived in the valley for more than 12 years, and I’ve now been away for 14. Hearing of Tim’s passing reminds me that my heart is still there. What a loss for the community, as well as for his family and friends.

I hope someone commissions a statue to honor Tim, and all the people who work to save those in jeopardy in the backcountry. Something like a fully geared-up Mountain Rescue member in a pose looking off towards the mountains, with a plaque honoring him and Vail Mountain Rescue. A fitting and lasting memorial to him and the contributions he made is definitely called for, and there’s plenty of money in the valley to make it happen. I vote for a spot on Meadow Mountain, not too far off 6 and 24, looking up towards Battle Mountain.

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