Vail Daily letter: Renaming craze on Vail Mountain |

Vail Daily letter: Renaming craze on Vail Mountain

John Donovan
Vail, CO, Colorado

Since the Vail Resorts brain trusts down in Broomfield, Colorado, renamed International “Lindsey’s,” it got me to thinking about more name changes.

Other locals, some who live here the entire summer are noteworthy: philanthropist Oscar Tang, for example, perhaps renaming Showboat “Oscar’s” would be a good reflection of his generosity with the shows at Ford Amphitheater (it is still called Ford Amphitheater, right?).

Many famous people have graced Vail with their presence. They probably deserve their own runs as well. Elvis, Charlie’s Angels, Justin Timberlake, Bob Hope, Wang Chung, Ted Bundy, James Brown, Dan Quayle, Clint Eastwood, Cameron Diaz, Dirty Old Bastard, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Princess Diana are enough to rename Vail’s Back Bowls.

Furthermore, local celebs Ryan and Trista should have run(s) named after them, something they can admire from their home in Wildridge.

Understanding the importance of renaming runs cannot be understated. Coloradoans and citizens of the world alike will stop — summer and winter — to have their photos taken with such prestigious signs.

Keen thinking might even lead to renaming “Espresso” and “Cappuccino” after the most popular Starbucks’s coffee drinks.

If Vail Resorts wished, they could probably tap into the clientele at Steadman Hawkins Clinic. World-class athletes pass through their doors daily. Needless to say, if these athletes are in town for a few weeks for physical therapy, well then, they’re locals in my book. God willing, Broomfield-Vail Resorts could rename most of the runs on Vail Mountain every year.

“Last year we had a great powder run down The Slot, but this year I think its just as good now that its called ‘Lance Armstrong'” might be something one would ever hear at a local watering hole.

As I am a skiing around this year, I will be sure to go down on “Lindsey’s” every time I can get to my locker in Vail Village.

Mountains cannot change, so the names must.

“Ever Vail” is not nearly as magnanimous a name: how about Redsandstonepotatopatchlionsheadvailbroomfieldschwazenegger. As an aside, the whole Vilar Center fiasco seems a bit laborious. See how Olympian Jimmy Heuga’s name was dropped from the multiple sclerosis center in a flash. Some name change is inevitable. Some names will never change.

Seibert’s Circle has endured countless facelifts over the years, yet the name remains the same. History has allowed name changes over and over again. If Istanbul was once Constantinople, then International can be Lindsey’s.

Time will tell if such titles take.

John Donovan

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