Vail Daily letter: Resa for Eagle Board |

Vail Daily letter: Resa for Eagle Board

Scot Hunn
Vail, CO, Colorado

Do you know anyone in your community who is so selfless and passionate about informing herself about community issues, she sits through hours-long town board meetings, twice a month, every month, as a concerned citizen?

Perhaps someone who films each meeting, posting the video to a website she created so other concerned citizens (who are busy running their businesses, raising their families, furthering their careers or perhaps enjoying their free time) can stay informed about issues being discussed and decisions being made at town hall?

What about someone who spends whatever free time she has writing summaries of said meetings in the local paper or contacting other towns, other elected officials and municipal finance mangers all across the U.S., researching and investigating financial and tax-related information and ideas that could positively or negatively affect her town?

I do. Her name is Brandi Resa, and the citizens of Eagle are fortunate to have a neighbor with such integrity, courage and true grit.

Never have I seen someone with such dogged determination, curiosity and guts. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with someone as genuine and straight forward. Only once or twice have I witnessed someone handle themselves with such grace and tact under fire. And she does this month in, month out for her own edification and to educate and inform you, her neighbors.

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I can’t wait to see what Brandi Resa can do while serving the town in an official capacity. Hell, I’d bet she’s already amassed a better attendance record as a citizen than some trustees! Let’s get Brandi on the town board and let her get to work doing what she loves: protecting and promoting our piece of “Classic Colorado” and fighting for participation, representation and transparency in our


Vote Brandi Resa, Eagle Town Board of Trustees, April 3.

Scot Hunn


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