Vail Daily letter: Resa for Eagle Town Board |

Vail Daily letter: Resa for Eagle Town Board

Rosie Shearwood
Vail, CO, Colorado

There is a force present in Eagle. It’s not big and burly, and it’s not something that only appears occasionally. But it does appear every single meeting at Town Hall, with a video camera, and is the determined, dedicated, passionate candidate for Town Board, Brandi Resa.

Never in 40 years of watching Eagle politics have I seen someone so committed to getting answers, asking the tough questions, and someone not afraid of ruffling some feathers along the way. Brandi is relentless in researching details, doing homework regarding the workings at Town Hall, and spending endless hours studying land use regulations and master plan guidelines.

She is a bright, professional CPA and has no problem tackling daunting spread sheets and digging deep into public records and finances, and she does it with heartfelt dedication.

When the Town Board refused to have their meetings televised at no cost to the town, Brandi became their ever present cameraman, a citizen sitting quietly in a corner of the meeting room recording it all, then putting it on the Internet for everyone to see. Every single meeting, with a better attendance record than some of the trustees themselves.

After reviewing hours and hours of public meetings, she pointed to several discrepancies in their procedures that relegated her to the proverbial “toad in the punchbowl” status, but she stood firm with her findings, all recorded.

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She has pressed for transparency in our town government, has single handedly helped improve communications between the planning staff and the public, and in my opinion is the absolute top pick of candidates for the next Town Board.

Brandi has already brought positive change to our town as a citizen, and I so look forward to seeing what she can accomplish as a councilwoman.

Rosie Shearwood

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