Vail Daily letter: Reserve judgment |

Vail Daily letter: Reserve judgment

John Geiger
Embudo, N.M.
Vail, CO Colorado

In regards to Alfred Bamberger’s alleged charges:

I have known and worked with Alfred Bamberger for the past several years as a patient. I never experienced anything but the highest professionalism and deep consideration for my well-being throughout the time Alfred worked with me. Moreover, I never observed anything different than this same high regard in his interactions with others.

I cannot imagine anything of the sort that he has been accused of. I would hope that our standard of law – innocent until proven guilty – is upheld, not only by the authorities but most importantly by the citizens of Vail. What one person asserts about another is not necessarily factual. Accusations such as those against Alfred must be proven.

As a retired psychotherapist with a former practice, I witnessed many moments when a memory was misstated, when an action was misconstrued. In such cases, any overt action taken before all was sorted out would have ruined lives and derailed any healing.

Until this is the case, it is important to remember that all parties involved in the current situation must be given full consideration and respect. Public discussion must be restrained and well-thought-out until all voices are heard and facts are proven. Lives and reputations are at stake here.

As one of the “public” voices in the valley, the Vail Daily has a special duty to follow this consideration and respect and not drown in sensational and harmful reporting. The high road is there for the taking.

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