Vail Daily letter: Respect choices |

Vail Daily letter: Respect choices

Nadine Rogel
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear Josh and Heather Thompson: Your letter, “Selling out” (Letters to the editor, Wednesday’s Vail Daily), deserves a reply. Promoting Gay Ski week and the unethical sellouts on Wall Street should be separated.One is a relationship by choice, and the other is a relationship by greed and dishonesty.

As a 78-year-old women, I am part of the generation of archaic prejudices, and should oppose “gay” anything. I thank my parents, who taught, rather than preached, that life is always a series of choices and each individual must be guided by his or her own heart and mind.

Today’s youth demands choices, and we would be wise to listen. I have teenage grandchildren, and they emphatically do not feel they are being morally corrupted by gays. Rather, they feel no one should be exempt from life’s choices.

However, they do feel the rampant adult corruption, i.e. Wall Street, has raised many difficult questions for them to cope with – a true moral issue.

So, Josh and Heather, if you do have children, teach them honesty, fairness, love and an open mind to respect individual choices. That, along with your ability to respect their choices, most certainly will result in true morals.

Nadine Rogel

Beaver Creek

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