Vail Daily letter: Richard, really? |

Vail Daily letter: Richard, really?

Shane Musgrove
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding your column “Revolts need not be revolting,” where were you eight years prior to Obama’s election? Speaking of people wanting to see a president fail – Bush?

What you stated has been going on for years from the left. There is hate on both sides. In fact, this sort of thing has been going on since our foundations. We are not fighting a civil war here, which should mean something in and of itself.

In addition, you are making gross exaggerations, including heavy stereotypes that hardly display reality. With respect to what you wrote that is true, it applies to a very, very small group of individuals. If you are speaking of rhetorical hate, unfortunately, your column places you in their ranks.

Who are “these Americans,” “they” and “them” in your column?

You state, “These Americans going nuts over health care seem to have evolved from 9/11 with little more than new methods for domestic terrorism and no interest whatsoever in holding compassionate debate over national issues.”

What? You have to be kidding me.

You state, “They love Sarah Palin. … They embrace Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh as prophets and, each year, come closer to anointing Reagan a saint (or something along those lines), all without any real knowledge of the former president’s accomplishments or lack thereof.”

The left embraces their own just as the right. Some of the most hateful attacks I have seen have come from the left and some just as worse from the right. Ironically, no one seemed to care in the Bush presidency. Why is that?

A comment to your article online, “As an independent voter, I try to listen to all parties. However, the likes of Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, Beck and Fox News makes me angry with their hate.”

You could go ahead and add MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and the other far-left liberal representatives. Michael Moore? Ah yes, he loves his country – Cuba. Their hate is no less.

This column is as lopsided as it gets. I am no chooser of sides, but balance is an important thing, especially when you are arguing against “bigotry.” I have yet to see the drunken gunslinger chasing around the administration that you speak of – at least not to the degree to which you emphasize. We are not living in the Wild West. And I seriously doubt Sarah Palin is a threat that sparks hate. There may be chastising debate and comments, yet tell me a time when this was not the case and tell me if Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and, apparently, Fox News are the storm that is responsible for brewing it?

“Their hypocrisy cup runneth over.” – Richard Carnes.

The cup that came from your table?

Shane Musgrove

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