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Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous accusation

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Vail, CO Colorado

I am writing in response to Lynn Bauman’s letter that appeared in Monday’s Vail Daily regarding the Michael Jackson Tribute Street Beat concert. In her letter, she expressed disgust at the fact that people were wearing monkey masks to the event. She claimed that it is racist. This might be the most ridiculous letter to appear in the Vail Daily this year.

There are two reasons why this family probably decided to wear monkey masks on this occasion:

1. There were many people wearing masks that were supposed to be Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s pet chimp.

2. Monkeys are funny. If you were on the mountain on the last day, you would have seen gorillas, chimps and many other hilarious monkeys.

I highly doubt a family of five wore monkey masks to the Michael Jackson tribute concert to make some sort of racist statement. As a matter of fact, I think it is a lot more racist on your part to assume that a monkey mask is akin to an African-American person.

Ron Girotti, Vail

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