Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous term |

Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous term

Why is it whenever the far left wants to verbally tar and feather those they disagree with, they resort to one of two terms? They accuse people of being either racists or Nazis.

To compare the new Arizona immigration law to what occurred in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and ”40s is not only patently dishonest, it’s an enormous insult to the millions who were tortured and murdered by Hitler’s SS.

In 1939, after the invasion of Poland, Hitler told Hans Frank, the man who would oversee the Nazi occupation in that Eastern European nation, to “exploit the region as a war zone and reduce to a heap of rubble its economic, social, cultural and political culture.” He also ordered Frank, who was also his personal lawyer, to “do away with” of all people of influence — i.e., teachers, priests, landowners, politicians, lawyers and artists.

When the Nazis invaded Poland, 860,000 Poles were uprooted and resettled, while 75,000 Germans took over their lands. Over a million were sent to Germany as slave labor, and 330,000 were simply shot.

So whenever I hear some unthinking moron decry the new Arizona immigration bill (which merely parrots the current federal law) as a form of Nazi-ism, it reveals:

A. An abject ignorance of history.

B. A complete disregard of historical fact.

C. An ideological bias that’s beyond comprehension.

D. Intellectual indolence in the extreme.

E. All of the above.

So the next time you hear some jackass use the term “Nazi” to describe anything but the Third Reich, ask him or her if they’ve ever read a history book or if he or she relies entirely on Keith Olberman and Jon Stewart for their information.

Butch Mazzuca


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