Vail Daily letter: Road rage |

Vail Daily letter: Road rage

Benjamin Dale
Vail, CO, Colorado

If the Vail Valley welcomes development, I say we need to welcome road improvements first.

I have been living here since a kid and the population has increased dramatically. Yet the roads remain the same.

How are we ever going to develop as a community if we can’t meet the demands of vehicles on the road? We need to eliminate turning lanes and incorporate passing lanes from Gypsum to Minturn on Highway 6 and 24. We need to tear down all traffic lights and install roundabouts. There should be on- and off-ramps in Eagle-Vail and near Cordillera.

There needs to be more speed limit signs. For example: There is only one 55 mph sign between Edwards and Avon, and vice-versa. How are people supposed to know what the speed limit is if they’re turning from Berry Creek or Arrowhead onto Highway 6? More often than not, I am traveling 10 to 25 mph under the speed limit. This is ridiculous!

The roads were never like this until we had a spike in population. Now we’re talking about even more development? Are we out of our minds to develop without improving our roads? There is no way we can support a larger population if we don’t do something about our roads!

I have talked to my congressman, my governor, my senators, and even local police, sheriff and State Patrol.

I have talked to fellow citizens and asked why they were moving. Their response: “I’m moving because our population has increased but the roads have stayed the same. They’re horrible and no one is doing anything about it. So that is why I’m moving.”

So, in my response, I said and am saying now, “I will be moving as well if nothing is done.”

So, what I have done and will do: I am writing to my elected officials, newspapers and police officers. If nothing is done soon, I too will be moving. So, if I am fed up with our roads (like many other citizens of Vail), there will be no need to development in the Vail Valley anymore.

Benjamin Dale


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