Vail Daily letter: Road to lawsuit |

Vail Daily letter: Road to lawsuit

I am mentioned in Lauren Glendenning’s recent article “Gypsum man sues county.” Let me add some additional information to the story.

It is true that Mr. Hill has an agreement that requires him to maintain our mutually owned access road, but nothing in the agreement implies that he can block in and out access in order to do so. Access to my property is a legal right. The road could have been worked on one side at a time leaving access but this didn’t happen.

The morning Hill was arrested a renter and her friend came to me and said they couldn’t leave my property, that the road was torn up. I went to see for myself. The road at the top was completlely blocked. Hill was on the road in his backhoe ripping up the surface of the road but not willing to communicate with me. The only choice I had was to call 911 to see what could be done about getting the road opened up.

A phone call to me from Hill before he started digging up the road could have avoided the 911 call, but none occurred. He could have explained what he was doing when I arrived where he was working, but he wouldn’t. I wasn’t where Hill was at the time of the arrest, but I assume from what I heard a short time later that he was uncooperative with the deputies, as well.

After the arrest his wife, Colleen, leveled out the torn-up surface with a tractor but the road remained soft for the rest of the fall and winter, making a mess out any cars that tried to get through the mud (I have pictures). Access remained difficult even with four-wheel drive until spring, when the road dried out.

Roger Brown


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