Vail Daily letter: Romanoff for Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Romanoff for Senate

Linda Petrie Bunch
Cordillera, CO Colorado

Don’t let the money fool you. Andrew Romanoff won the Col-orado caucuses by nearly 10 points even though he was out-spent by his incumbent oppo-nent 10 to 1. And he continues to gather momentum at the state assemblies, picking up undecid-ed votes and many of his oppo-nent’s votes, as well – so much so that Michael Bennet has decided to petition to guarantee his place on the ballot on Aug. 10.

Why is this happening? It’s simple – hard work. Andrew Romanoff is an experienced legislative leader who has worked diligently for Col-oradans. He wrote, worked across the aisle on and passed Referendum C to ensure that education and health care received funding and helped pull Colorado’s economy out of its last recession. He passed BEST, the Building Excellent Schools Today Act, to help rural communities build and fix schools and get the equipment necessary for more equitable education. These are only two examples of the many pieces of legislation that Andrew has helped pass for our state. He also pulled the Democratic Party together to get its first back- to- back majority in 30 years.

And to demonstrate his solid integrity, he’s leading by exam-ple. To exemplify that his votes won’t be swayed by the corpo-rate dollars that subsidize Con-gress and stifle reform, Romanoff is not taking any spe-cial- interest money. In result, he has received donations from more Coloradans than any oth-er candidate running for any seat in this state. He is the peo-ple’s candidate.

There’s a reason that more than 500 elected Colorado lead-ers have endorsed Andrew Romanoff, former speaker of the Colorado House: They know him, they trust him, and they know that he’ll represent the people of Colorado better than any other U.S. Senate candidate.

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