Vail Daily letter: Roundabout confusion |

Vail Daily letter: Roundabout confusion

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Vail, CO Colorado

What is the proper way to enter and exit a roundabout? I have always believed that the right lane should be for the first available right and the left lane should be for going straight or left. However, I have watched the town of Avon buses make a left turn from the right- hand lane. In the circle itself, which lane has the right of way? It would seem to me that the left lane does.

I have found a link to help explain – www. beyond. ca/ how-to-navigate-a-traffic-circle-roundabout/ 210. html – but also have found that any lane can go any direction. So which lane should we use for which turns, or does it matter?

Also, how come some round-abouts have directionals painted on the lanes and others do not? For example, U. S. Highway 6 at Beaver Creek versus Interstate 70 exits coming into Avon. Thank you for helping me navigate.

– Patrick Croghan, Avon

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