Vail Daily letter: Ruination in D.C. |

Vail Daily letter: Ruination in D.C.

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO Colorado

What has Washington wrought over the last eight years? Executive orders by Presidents Bush and Obama, together with legislative enactments, have brought us to the point where one out of every seven American families live under the poverty level, and an aristocracy consisting of bankers, politicians and corporate potentates is dependent on war and conflict.

What have Presidents Bush and Obama accomplished during these eight years of turmoil?

For starters, we have the Patriot Act (circa 2001) that effectively eroded the constitutional and civil liberties of common Americans (not those of the elite class). This legislation was spawned out of the propaganda of fear in which terrorism became an asset for the ever-expansion of the federal bureaucracy.

Witness the TSA pat down of a 6-year-old little girl at airport security versus the importation of Hamas-connected immigrants to the U.S. to the tune of $2 million via an Obama executive order.

President Bush initiated the Troubled Asset Recovery Act (TARP), which sought to ameliorate the fraud, corruption and confiscations in the financial markets but in effect only benefited the likes of Fannie, Freddie, Goldman Sachs, AIG, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, et al, and foreign banking interests, as well. Contrary to the will of Congress, these executives tapped taxpayer funds and steered them to their favorites in the automobile manufacturing market (GM and Chrysler). Not only was this an illegal intrusion into the free market place, but it violated the provisions of the bankruptcy laws.

Mr. Obama ran for change and promised withdrawal from foreign wars, especially in the Middle East. Well, after two years in office, the U.S. is still in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea and now he has his own war in Libya – all of these wars were initiated without the constitutional authority of Congress. Mr. Obama did get dubious and irrelevant authority from the United Nations.

What with the staggering and ruinous debt of $14 trillion and change, the deficit of $1.4 trillion, money appears to be no object in Obama’s eyes when it comes to waging war on Third World (oil-rich) countries. And he has apparently opted for the side of the rebels, yet we do not know whether we are fighting al-Qaida or supporting it.

Mr. Obama takes credit for the massive debit we call “Obama Care” – clearly an unconstitutional act (10th Amendment or commerce clause) that was passed by an unwitting Congress with an executive order legislating out the abortion provision. Obama again invaded the province of Congress.

This unplanned, unread and illegal act will break the financial back of the United States once its onerous tax provisions kick in. This is one of the greatest reasons that Congress is defunding the act, the various states are litigating its constitutionality, and legislating state laws are opting out of its purview.

It can be said that other than his frequent vacations and apology junkets, the TARP and health-care fiascos have occupied most of Obama’s first two years in office.

What with the remaining portion of his term being spent on campaigning for re-election at the estimated cost of $1 billion, hiding his birth certificate, activating for various public labor unions, campaigning to raise the public debt limit, helping Bernanke operate the currency presses, and resisting congressional endeavors to extricate this country out of insolvency, Mr. Obama may very well go down in history with the American economy. This is his legacy of change – from prosperity to poverty.

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