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Vail Daily letter: Running for council

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I am writing to introduce myself to you as a candidate for Vail Town Council. My name is Scott Proper, and I live in West Vail with my wife, Paulina. Paulina and I moved to Vail in 2002 because we enjoy the mountains and skiing and wanted to find a better quality of life than one of indentured servitude in an office cubicle back east. I work at Millennium Bank in West Vail, and Paulina is an attorney with Sherman & Howard in West Vail. In the spirit of “If not you, who, and if not now, when?” I have been civically involved since moving to town. I served on the town of Vail’s Conference Center Task Force, the Design Review Board and the Planning and Environmental Commission. I have been involved in Rotary since 2004 and served as the president of the Vail Rotary Club in 2008 (this past Labor Day Duck Race, I got to be the guy in the wetsuit at the finish line). I also was elected to the Vail Recreation District in 2004 and served as chairman from 2006 to 2008. At the VRD, I helped to greatly improve the relationship between the town of Vail and VRD. If you recall, in the winter of 200405, the Town Council was considering forcibly absorbing the VRD into the town of Vail. I’m happy to say that the relationship between the VRD and the town has improved dramatically since then. Also, I helped steer the VRD through capital maintenance budgeting challenges, similar to many of the issues the town of Vail is facing today. I am a unique candidate because of my experience in finance and working with government budgets and in my record of serving Vail. Some people have asked me whether I have greater political ambitions, and the answer is No, I do not. I simply have been and want to continue to be involved in the community where we live. I am also personally aware of the sacrifices it takes to make life in Vail work: Paulina and I lived apart during the academic year from 2004 to 2007 because she went to the University of Colorado at Boulder to get her law degree. Vail is an awesome place to live, and I want to help keep it that way. I am an honest, open, fiscally conservative and level-headed candidate who has been involved in the past and whose record speaks for itself. Decreasing sales tax revenue, the future of Timber Ridge and the capital maintenance shortfall (as things stand currently, we will run out of money in 2012!) are just a few of the immediate financial issues facing the town that are going to require some hard economic decisions. I invite you to contact me personally at if you have any questions or suggestions for me and to visit my Web site ( for more information. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you around town during this election season!- Scott Proper, Vail

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