Vail Daily letter: Safety first? |

Vail Daily letter: Safety first?

Anne Roberts
Vail, CO, Colorado

Three days ago I had another friend hit on the mountain, and they had to carry her down to the ER.

This friend was not traversing across the mountain tentatively, in the path of faster, better skiers.

On the contrary, she is an expert skier, a Red Coat who volunteers at the ER. She was skiing with friends, totally in control, when out of the blue a skier skiing totally out of control slammed into her, causing a concussion and injures to her neck and back.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but it’s not. Ever since the mountain opened this season, I have been hearing of friends being airlifted to Denver and others being seriously hurt on the mountain.

I’m not alone in noticing fewer Yellow Jackets out there this year. Is this a cost savings on the part of Vail Mountain? If so, shame on them, since every day we’re reading reports in the Vail Daily of how much better the resort is doing financially. We used to see them all over the mountain, standing at the signs, calling out to skiers going too fast.

Is this increase in injures perhaps in part due to the new faster, better, skis? If so, then perhaps we need to educate those who come to our wonderful mountain on how best to stay in control with this new equipment.

We need more security out on the mountain to stop those who are skiing too fast and not in control.

Perhaps we should stop giving warnings and take their pass away immediately.

Word would spread quickly that you will suffer the consequence of not skiing responsibly.

We must do something about this.

Anne Roberts


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