Vail Daily letter: Safety is everyone’s responsibility |

Vail Daily letter: Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Brodie Seyferth and Daniel Bonner
Vail, CO, Colorado

Safety is on everyone

My friend and I were reading the Vail Daily “Letters to the Editor” on Jan. 10 and came across a hilariously outlandish stab at the mountain’s attempt to create a safe atmosphere.

In respect to the individual’s feelings, we’ll call her “Boring In Beaver Creek” (BIBC). While we agree with BIBC’s point that she has “owned property in Beaver Creek for 20 years,” Vail Resorts and its employees are doing all they can to point out any unforeseen dangers on the mountain, and we believe that it is ultimately the responsibility of the rider (one plank or two) to ensure their own safety.

Furthermore, we live in the Rockies (and bring our gloves to work every day!), where conditions are constantly changing due to weather and human factors.

We have to acknowledge the fact that the snow hasn’t cooperated to our liking, but people are still successfully enjoying the outdoors on a limited palate. This obviously creates a responsibility for anyone using the mountain, whether it be for employment or enjoyment to ride safely.

My friend and I were astonished at BIBC’s comment that “snowboarders are the worst.” We personally have befriended many snowboarders in the past and think that they are great people! Maybe they wear ridiculously bright and baggy clothes, but thanks to that we can see them! Also, while snowboarders still haven’t developed eyes in the back of their heads, we are anxiously holding our breath for advancements in dorsal cranial ocular technology.

BIBC wrote in her article that “every year, it gets worse and worse.”

However, every year Vail gets better and better! I know we were excited when they upgraded Chair 5, and who doesn’t want to check their EpicMix pics of themselves shredding the gnar with the implementation of wi-fi on the new Vail Village gondola next year? And don’t even get us started on the new safety campaign … seatbelts engaged, Vail!

As the sun’s burning orange glow greets the snow-painted pines atop the Rocky Mountains on this midweek discussion, we can agree with “Boring In Beaver Creek” that safety is essential to have the ultimate Colorado Rocky Mountain experience.

Remember, my friends, we’re livin’ the dream! Ride on, Vail Valley … ride on!

Vail Valley lovers, not fighters,

Brodie Seyferth, Daniel Bonner


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