Vail Daily letter: Same ol’ misfits at Eagle County GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Same ol’ misfits at Eagle County GOP

Candis Wilhoit
Vail, CO, Colorado

Like many Eagle County Republicans, I have been a mainstream Republican all my life. I moved away from the valley to work for the Arizona Supreme Court and returned seven years ago to find that not much has changed in the Eagle County Republican Party.

The same right-wing misfits, extremist party leaders and self-proclaimed “tea party” delegates who have nothing else going on in the lives but to secretly attempt force their jaded ideologies through political candidates still control the Republican Party with an iron fist.

Such was the case Saturday, April 10, when our highly popular, two-term Sheriff Joe Hoy was challenged with a pre-orchestrated takeover attempt by these individuals to eliminate him from office.

Their candidate, Deputy Charles Wolfe, an interloper from New Mexico who has been in Colorado less than two years, with no management or supervisory experience whatsoever to hold the office of Eagle County sheriff received 42 delegate votes in contrast to Sheriff Hoy’s 53 votes.

A similar coup staged by this group was successful in 2002, eliminating the Eagle County assessor in this manner. Her unqualified replacement was threatened with impeachment within one year for incompetency.

Deputy Charles Wolfe has taken a firm stand that all citizens should be issued concealed weapons to carry out their everyday duties in our quiet mountain towns, with minimal background investigations. As a citizen, I would like to know if my neighbor is carrying a concealed weapon and why they feel such paranoia and self-doubt to have a gun stuffed in their pants to walk around town.

In his letter to the editor, Deputy Wolfe is vehemently opposed to the voter-approved medical marijuana law and, in my opinion, if elected, would attempt to close dispensaries and prosecute those who use the drug for medical purposes.

In contrast, it is my understanding that Sheriff Hoy, who I have met only briefly, may not agree with the new medical marijuana laws, but is committed to upholding the will of the people and concentrate on apprehension of criminals and protecting the citizens of Eagle County over personal viewpoints.

We have a great sheriff, with a great law enforcement record. He is approachable, honest and fair. This is a call to action. You would think some people would wake up and see what that are doing to the Republican Party and what Sheriff Joy Hoy has done the last 7.5 years and not blame him for issue over which he has no control.

Candis Wilhoit


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