Vail Daily letter: Save our kids |

Vail Daily letter: Save our kids

Buddy Sims
Edwards, CO Colorado

Banning pot shops in Eagle County is not a political issue. To vote “no” on ballot issue 1B as a conservative, independent or liberal is a vote to help save our kids. Even President Obama said in his National Drug Control Strategy signed in May 2010, “This administration firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana or any illicit drug. Legalizing drugs would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of use.” Under President Obama’s leadership, do not expect to see pot legalized in America.

Our kids demand better in our community, and they need to be told that if you use pot, you cannot be employed by most small or large businesses in the United States – like Home Depot, American Airlines, Costco, Direct TV, CenturyLink – or the U.S. military, which do drug screening. You also would be excluded from driving a railroad engine, piloting a commercial or general aviation airplane or working for any fire or police department.

And our kids need to be reminded that if you participate in any extracurricular school activity at Battle Mountain High School, you can be randomly tested for drug use. If you test positive, you will be placed in a drug-abuse program to continue in school. Interesting that Battle Mountain is the only school in the valley randomly testing for drugs.

Stop 1B, and save our kids.

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