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Vail Daily letter: Save the views

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Please help save scenic byway U. S. Highway 24 and historic Camp Hale! Scenic byway Highway 24 is about to become the not-so-scenic byway if the Red Cliff Board of Trustees passes a 30.33-acre annexation applica-tion for the Moltz Quarry on Monday at 7: 15 p. m.

The quarry will be extracting rock for 15 years and will be able to build as many as 10 residences after mining operations have ceased. Extraction will decimate a gorgeous cliff band right next to Highway 24. Unnatural 7.5- by- 15- foot benches will be all that remains of that cliff band.

If the quarry application passes, the Nova Guides annexation appli-cation for 79 acres at the north end of Camp Hale will be con-sidered. Nova Guides wishes to build 24 resi-dences, each on 1- acre lots, as well as increase its existing operations from 4,500 square feet to 15,000 square feet.

Despite much opposition to both of these annexation applications, there’s a very strong possibility that the Red Cliff Board of Trustees will go ahead and pass these annexa-tions. I believe that both properties are national treasures and should be protected. Is this the legacy we wish to leave to future generations?

Please come to the meeting Mon-day at 7:15 p.m. at the Council Cham-bers in the old school on Pine Street in Red Cliff. If you cannot attend, please send letters to Town of Red Cliff, Box 40, Red Cliff, CO 81649 or e-mail Please help!

Barb Bomier Red Cliff

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