Vail Daily letter: Save us from evil! |

Vail Daily letter: Save us from evil!

As an upper-valley non-Eagle voter, I strongly support Yuri Kostick and wish I could vote for him.

He has shown the foresight to back and vote for what’s best for Eagle and the entire valley rather than follow some developers dreams of making and taking us for billions.

His interest in senior a living facility is an example of look forward. Weather we want to admit it or not, someday, hopefully, we will all be in need of some elder care. With Yuri, we have someone looking out for us so we won’t have to relocate to Florida or Arizona.

His opposition to that horrific Eagle River Station is another exemplar show of backbone and true leadership by not backing down, being bought off or kowtowing to some developers’ (not even from Colorado or the valley) destructive scheme. Yuri would rather look into more valley friendly ways to grow.

With Yuri we will have a true community leader who will direct us rather than let us follow every other small town into a big box of asphalt-covered, low-paying, part-time and temporary jobs.

It’s time to let true valley leadership take over and send the big city developers packing by voting for Yuri.

Lindy Moore


Editor’s note: This letter arrived too late to be published ahead of Tuesday’s elections, but the author requested we print it anyway. Kostick won.

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