Vail Daily letter: Saved the day |

Vail Daily letter: Saved the day

Andie Bombard
Vail, CO, Colorado

During this past Thanksgiving, the Vail Valley Pharmacy really saved my holiday. We had guests in town with a new baby. Little Sarah had come down with strep, croup and an ear infection the week before their trip. Her medicine exploded on the plane, so they arrived here with only one dose of her 10-day antibiotics left.

Mom and Dad were very worried. It was Thanksgiving Day. Where would they find a pharmacy open? And for those of you with kids, please remember the state of panic you were in the first time your baby ever got sick. This was a stressful event, to say the least.

One call to Kent at the Vail Valley Pharmacy on Thanksgiving morning, when all other pharmacies were closed, and the problem was completely solved. Little Sarah’s medicine was replaced immediately and, equally importantly, her parents could relax and enjoy their vacation.

Andie Bombard


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