Vail Daily letter: School board caved |

Vail Daily letter: School board caved

Well, they had the information. They pondered it and discussed it. They hit on most of the important points of consideration at one time or another. It looked like they were actually going to make the right decision.

But in the end they caved to a vocal, keening, self-interest group. Despite the school board’s repeated pronouncements that there were hard budget choices to be made and tough fiscal stances to be taken, they ultimately yielded to hyperbole over reality. Logic, once again, was defeated by emotionalism. Monetary sanity was snatched from the board meeting and hurled back into the pit from which it had struggled.

So now we will retain all five elementary schools in the roughly 20-mile stretch from Edwards to Vail when logic and fiscal analysis had determined four would be reasonable. Along with this fifth school come the concomitant costs of the extra building, the extra administrative staff, the additional custodial and transportation staffs, heating, cooling, phones, lighting, etc.

We still have the budget deficit to deal with, and now the board must begin a new hunt for places to cut. The current target du jour: Cut more teachers and programs. We’ll keep the buildings and the administrations and the “local presence,” and we’ll cut teaching staff — yeah, that’s the ticket — and offer fewer programs and classes too. Yeah, that’s the way to do it.

Thanks, school board, for buckling. Next round maybe we can drop math and reading so we can ensure our students are well versed in wrestling, bowling and golf. Golf, after all, is so critically important to Vail’s community identity. Sorry for the sarcasm. It’s just that you were so close to making the right decision. So very close.

Randy Schroeder


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