Vail Daily letter: School district sending mixed message? |

Vail Daily letter: School district sending mixed message?

Jenn and Luca Bruno
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Eagle County School Board has decided to base future teacher cuts on job performance, not longevity. We applaud them for basing such important decisions on quality of education. It is a great step for our school system.

By comparison, we are confused that the same board is considering closing Red Sandstone, the highest-performing elementary school in our county. Where is the consistency of thought and policy? How can they judge individuals in such a thoughtful way and choose to ignore an institution that excels?

As parents of two Red Sandstone Elementary students, this issue is personal. But we are dumfounded as business owners. Who closes their top-performing location?

Unfortunately, this is not a business but something more important and essential – our community’s school. Vail’s children and our community deserve to be applauded for their hard work in creating such a special, thriving school. Instead, Red Sandstone is continuously threatened with closures.

We urge Vail and Eagle County residents to speak up and prevent the little school on the hill from being closed. Vail cannot afford to lose its only public school, especially one that is exceeding expectations.

Jenn and Luca Bruno

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