Vail Daily letter: Schools need more money |

Vail Daily letter: Schools need more money

Mary Cotton
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m voting yes for 3B, the measure on the November ballot to increase education funding in Eagle County through a small increase in annual property taxes (less than $20 a year per $100,000 of property value). I believe that educating our youth helps to secure the stability of our country in our rapidly changing global society.

Why am I voting yes for 3B? I am the parent of two Battle Mountain High School students who are thriving because their teachers continually challenge them to reach their potential despite class sizes of 30-plus students. However, I attended a recent Colorado Department of Education financial seminar, and the director of public school finance (Leanne Emm) said that education funding from the state is being decreased again next year.

I don’t believe our teachers can continue to give students the individual attention that leads to academic achievement as class sizes continue to grow because of funding cuts from the state.

Support our students; support our teachers; support our future. Please choose your own reason to Vote Yes for 3B.

Mary Cotton


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