Vail Daily letter: Schools should have closed |

Vail Daily letter: Schools should have closed

Michelle Siemer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Who decides if schools will take a snow day. Why do they let some schools off like the charter (a public school) but not the other public schools right beside it? My kids go to June Creek, and the staff is awesome, but many live downvalley and they are not the ones who make the call.

This morning I-70 was shut down between Wolcott and Edwards. It looked like the town of Avon and Edwards had let their plow drivers go for the season. There were accidents along Highway 6, but school was still on. At what point do they close the rest of the county schools and why close one and leave the ones beside it open? If you still had “Hits and Misses, this is a Miss for sure.

Michelle Siemer


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