Vail Daily letter: Scott McNoShow |

Vail Daily letter: Scott McNoShow

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

Over the past year has been a groundswell of concerned Americans who both individually and those associated with Tea Party and 9.12 groups have become politically active. We are demanding that those we elect to represent us in state and federal government actually listen to, and represent the grassroots folks who have elected them.

Dan Maes and Scott McInnis are contenders for the Republican nomination to the office of governor of Colorado. Scott McInnis, recently renamed Scott McNoShow, has continually avoided “meet and greets” and discussion-debates with Dan Maes.

These events are meant to enable constituents to make informed decisions after listening to the candidates’ positions on the important issues concerning the people of Colorado. Issues such as health care, Pinion Canyon, TABOR, etc.

McInnis and Maes were invited to a “meet and greet” by the Vail Valley 9.12 Project in January.

Both candidates were given ample notice, and McInnis was advised that Maes would accommodate McInnis’ schedule.

We chose a date that was free on both candidates’ calendars, notified both candidates, and only Dan Maes showed up.

Since that time Scott McInnis has avoided many dual events with Dan Maes.

Only last week McInnis failed to show at two events which, at the second event, prompted Dan Maes to quip that it was the second time that week that he had to debate himself.

The point of this is to question why we would ever vote for a candidate who doesn’t show up, debate the issues and interact with the people he expects will vote him into office.

This is exactly what we must be bent on avoiding in electing officials going forward.

Our elected officials must listen to, and represent the people. Period! They must understand that they work for us.

No more Pelosis, Reids, Franks, Rangels and others in both parties who have used elected office as if they are above the populous and/or who have lined their pockets with backroom political deals.

No more spending $16,000-a-month rent for an office in San Francisco or traveling on a 200-seat jet using TPM (Tax Payer Money). No more political thuggery, no more arrogant Barbara Boxers who dressed down a decorated general demanding that he call her senator instead of ma’am. I guess that means no more career politicians.

Dan Maes is Colorado’s version of Sen. Scott Brown. Dan has traveled over 70,000 miles throughout the state of Colorado over the past year and a half speaking to and listening to the grassroots folks.

He is a nonpolitician who owes nothing to anybody and has over 20 years of business and management experience. Isn’t that what we need in the leader of our great state?

Scott McInnis is touting himself as a man with experience having 22 years in Congress. Isn’t that the problem?

Get out and vote in the Aug. 10th Republican primary! Register by July 12.

Dr. Michael Schneider

Organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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