Vail Daily letter: Seek the float |

Vail Daily letter: Seek the float

J.D. Caldwell
Avon, CO Colorado

Soul rider – I’ve always interpreted this to represent one’s ability to be in tune with nature. Thriving for the pristine moment of perfect float, only to hear the heartbeat of one’s own soul (definition: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or activating cause of an individual life – the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational beings, or the universe). Let nature push and guide – the more you pull and resist, the further one will travel from the goal of “soul rider.”

With so much resistance in the world, now is the time to slow down, and enjoy the true simplicity of life. Money has to be made, bills have to be paid; wars will always be fought, but what can stay consistent is the “immaterial essence” of your soul. With that in mind, let’s embrace the winter – the one thing that allows us to take a moment, breathe and enjoy the presence of something greater than ourselves. I say, “Seek the float, find your soul, keep it simple.”

Thank you and happy holidays.

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