Vail Daily letter: Seems wrong |

Vail Daily letter: Seems wrong

Rich Schnelle
Avon, CO Colorado

Concerning the Vail Daily’s Sept. 29 front-page story announcing Vail Resorts’ $750,000 contribution to the National Forest Foundation to rehab land damaged by the Hayman Fire, something seems wrong and raises questions. Wasn’t the Hayman Fire intentionally started by a U.S. Forest Service employee? Isn’t the Forest Service financially responsible for damages caused by its employees, specifically damages caused by the Hayman Fire? Doesn’t the Forest Service oversee and regulate Vail Resorts’ activities on National Forest lands, such as building lifts, buildings, ski runs and roller coasters?

Why is the Forest Service allowing Vail Resorts, whose activities it supposedly oversees and regulates, to pay for the Forest Service’s financial obligations?

I know the Forest Service won’t answer these questions, so the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which regulates prohibited practices by government agencies, is being asked to answer them.

I applaud Vail Resorts’ efforts to be green, but paying the Forest Service’s financial obligations smells bad. Buy some wind-power credits or contribute to some other environmental cause, but let the Forest Service pay for the Hayman Fire damages.

Maybe they can use some of the money collected by the growing practice of selling vacant National Forest lands for development, like the Eagle Horse Pasture.

Rich Schnelle


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