Vail Daily letter: Self-serving commissioners |

Vail Daily letter: Self-serving commissioners

Chris Mech
Vail, CO Colorado

Do the county ommissioners ever heed their constituents? Let’s review. First, they waste tens of thousands of dollars on a survey to see if folks would support a jail addition. They get a resounding “no.” So they go behind our backs and structure a 20-year loan to do the addition anyway. But since it’s illegal to do so, they game the system by borrowing the $32 million as a series of 20 one-year loans. Problem solved! So for $32 million of the people’s money they spend $8 million on the jail, $16 million on lavish office space and marble slab upgrades and $8 million to carry the loans.

Then they turn around and guess what? We don’t need it! So then they start to brag about “saving” $300,000 per year by closing the new addition. We spend over $1.6 million a year for 20 years in order to save $300,000 per year. Ya think Sara Fisher would have won the recent election had the public known?

Speaking of Sara Fisher, when interviewed in the Vail Daily about what she had learned from a recent survey, she stated the following: “Less than 1 percent favor historic ranches being preserved … there is no single most important type of land worth considering for open space preservation. All are important for all the right reasons.”

Don’t you get it? That means 99 percent of people say they don’t want you paying millionaire ranchers additional millions of the public’s money so they can stay on their land, develop some of it and keep the public off all of it! Why do you choose to put more weight on the 1 percent? Because that 1 percent is Bud Gates, former county commisioner, who got millions so he could keep the public off his land up by Meeker? Tell the poor schmuck trying to buy or sell a modest local condo that they owe a few thousand extra so that Bud Gates can “keep his ranching heritage alive.”

What are they up to now? They’re quietly plotting to get a freeway exit that leads to a few ranches east of Eagle. Not west of Eagle, where it would take pressure off of Eby Creek Road and serve the airport, but east of Eagle, where there’s nothing but “blighted” lands. That’s right, Jon Stavney, one of those who voted to designate the beautiful horse pastures east of town as blighted, now thinks we desperately need a freeway exit there.

I’d love to hear what’s really going on behind our backs with the powers that be and the Trinity/RED people. Suffice to say the will of the people (who said no to Eagle River Station) is being kicked aside. ERS will be shoved down Eagle’s throat regardless of how the residents voted, and the commissioners are complicit in the deal.

For how long will we allow these self-serving spendthrifts to thwart the will of the people?

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