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Vail Daily letter: Self- serving elitists

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What is wrong with this country? Are we as ignorant and irresponsible as this arrogant Congress is treating us? This bunch of self-serving elitists (Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller, Kerry, Schumer, etc.) who feign that they are deeply concerned with the masses are waging a war to pass a partisan health-care bill that they will be exempt from participating in. Exempt, folks!

Where is the ire? “Do as I say, not as I do” is Congress’ mantra. They are supposed to represent, not parent the people!

Congress is aware that activists are demanding that they participate in any health-care reform that they pass. But no, they are too important to take a chance with their health care by sinking to the lower level of care that they are about to mandate for the masses.

Demand that Congress take the public option if it passes! Every single elected official, including our presi-dent, has sworn to uphold the Consti-tution of the United States of America. This bill is unconstitutional (10th Amendment) and just wrong for the country if it were.

We are coming down to the wire with regard to this health-care abom-ination. Have you noticed that sud-denly at this critical juncture in the health care debate, Congress and the president have injected the president’s determination on sending 30,000 of the requested 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and the Global Climate Change Summit into the picture?

Just pile it on. Maybe the country won’t notice the debate on health care. If you care, speak out. Write, fax or e-mail your congressperson. If you don’t care, stay healthy.

Michael Schneider, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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