Vail Daily letter: Semis, slow down! |

Vail Daily letter: Semis, slow down!

Vicki Willard
Vail, CO, Colorado

How many more terrible accidents have to happen, not to mention the lives taken on the stretch of road from I-70 Vail Pass to Gypsum? Really, how many of you out there have been blown by (in terrible weather conditions) by one of these big trucks and wonder to yourself, “What the …?” I am sick of it.

Listen up, truckers! Not only are you not making it to your destination because your rig is now flipped over, but you are putting your lives and other lives at risk. Not to mention the fact that the merchandise you are such in a big hurry to get there ends up smashed or spilled all over the interstate!

So, what is the point? Slow down! The roads are steep and curvy, and you make think you’re 10 feet tall and bullet proof, but it’s obvious you are not.

The solution is to have a minimum speed for these big trucks in the winter months with “no passing” zones not only on the passes, but in all areas where it is unsafe to pass.

Hmmm, the Wolcott section comes to mind, as well as Dowd Junction.

I come from a truck-driving family (mom and dad). So I am not picking on the big trucks. I am just so tired of the roads being shut down because of the rush to get down the road.

You will get there by taking it nice and slow. If your bosses are giving you bonuses to get a load to your destination quickly and that is the motivation to be hauling ass up the road, then shame on them. Because guess what? If you wind up six feet under, the bonus is a moot point. Come on, someone do something.

The easiest solution is slow them down!

Vicki Willard


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