Vail Daily letter: Sequester this |

Vail Daily letter: Sequester this

Karl Berger
Vail, CO, Colorado

Wow, have you seen the stock market? If this is the “doomsday scenario” our intimidator in chief is yapping about, bring it on, baby!

Day after day of record-setting all-time highs for the DOW.

Everyone seems to like the idea of cutting the increases (about 14 percent) in the federal budgets, even if it is only 2.3 percent. Everyone, except politicians.

As I recall, we all took a 2 percent hit this Jan. 1 via the payroll deduction. God forbid we mention the massive outlays and taxes we all will suffer with the Affordable Healthcare Act, the newest government oxymoron. My personal health insurance premiums have doubled for my family.

Obama would have you believe our teachers will be pink-slipped, our firemen and police will suffer from a “degraded level of services.” One of the problems with his claims is that the last time I checked, these were state jobs funded through individual state budgets. Nice try, but there are still people that actually do pay attention.

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Also, according to our fear-inducing master of Chicago-style bully politics, we will be eating uninspected (read “rotten”) meat because the Department of Agriculture will have to “lay off inspectors”! What? Meanwhile, this very same Department of Agriculture will be spending for an all-expense-paid week in northern California, “sipping exceptional local wines,” dining on “tasty dishes” prepared by “special guest chefs,” to quote the brochure for the “26th annual Small Farm Conference.” I don’t know whether I am more outraged with the hypocrisy of this or the fact that this has gone on for 26 years now! Conference organizers promise the attendees will enjoy a “mouthwatering event” featuring “fine wines and exceptional microbrews” paired with “seasonally driven culinary delicacies.” There will also be a field trip and a wine-tasting reception,”in addition to the above-mentioned banquets. Follow this up with the four-day, all expense paid “Priester National Healthcare Conference for the USDA, where they will “provide resource support for professionals and community leaders from the health-care industry,” and also sneak in a few wine tastings here and there, too. Holy smokes, someone sign me up!

The most outrageous act by Obama was the suspension of White House tours, starting right at the busiest season, when school children are visiting Washington over spring break. Real nice. Oh, and by the way, these are self-guided tours! Batteries for those headsets must be pretty expensive, no? How about this: Why not cancel one of the multimillion dollar golf trips with Tiger Woods? Hit the driving range instead. That would most likely fund these tours for years.

Here’s the honest lowdown, folks: Not only have these clowns managed badly, now they are ordering their department heads to badly manage. Inflict the maximum pain to our citizens, make ’em hurt. Make them realize we will not cut one red cent, not one penny.

Just like the little obnoxious fat kid who doesn’t get picked for the neighborhood football teams, Obama is taking his ball and going home – to the home we pay for.

Karl Berger


Piease pick up after dog

Just a friendly reminder to dog owners in Eagle. Let’s all remember to take a moment to pick up after our pets.

We noticed on a walk today that some people are letting this slip. Let’s all help make Eagle a beautiful town to live in.

Laurie Dusenberry Eagle

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