Vail Daily letter: ‘Servant’ is offensive |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Servant’ is offensive

David Dillon
Vail, CO, Colorado

A couple of last points regarding Jacqueline Worthington’s reply to my “tirade” and I’m done.

The etymology of a word doesn’t matter. What matters is current, common and accepted usage.

And while one cannot imbue someone else with empathy or respect for others, one can at least try to educate them, and I am telling you that referring to a restaurant worker as a “servant” in this day and age is insulting, offensive and dehumanizing.

Use that term if you wish, but know that you are being offensive in the perception of others.

Your assessment of what I said about doctors and lawyers as ludicrous makes no sense. Not that I do not agree with you completely that doctors and lawyers deserve the compensation they receive for their years of hard study. I do. But it has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

Had I made any reference whatsoever to level of pay being commensurate with training and experience, it would be a valid point. I know no servers who make what doctors and lawyers make and that is as it should be. But you were replying to something I never said.

What I said was that there are few occupations in which the customer gets to decide after they receive a service (or product for that matter) what to pay for that service (or product).

So OK, forget doctors and lawyers. You cannot hire a plumber to fix your sink and decide after he is done what you feel like paying him. You cannot have a computer tech, babysitter or dog walker perform a job for you without compensation being set and agreed upon in advance.

So I still hold that restaurant workers live in an antiquated system because their daily pay is reliant upon each of their customers being fair, kind and reasonable and we all know that does not describe everyone who walks into a restaurant.

As for whether or not you are a “bitch,” I don’t know you personally so I can’t say. But I will say that both your letters reveal you to be quite notably (and intentionally) condescending. And those two often go hand in hand.

What I will also say is that you are obviously a very intelligent woman. And even if I haven’t changed your mind at all, my hope is that this debate has opened the eyes of others to the realities of being a restaurant worker.

They deserve much more respect than they are often accorded and the public has no right to slight them financially simply because they can.

David Dillon


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