Vail Daily letter: She has it all wrong |

Vail Daily letter: She has it all wrong

The letter published in the March 28 Daily, written by Doreen Somers, would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.

The independent study done on the economic impact of the Steadman Clinic is fact! If you had bothered to check, you would know that. And by the way, the Steadman Clinic did not author or pay for the study. Also fact. This has never been in dispute.

You make a snide remark about a private jet. Guess what? They don’t have one.

You claim the clinic does not accept Medicare and Medicaid. That’s false.

You insinuate that the clinic does not give to education. How do you know this? On what basis do you make that claim? Do you have any idea how much the clinic and its doctors actually do give? The answer is a lot. How much do you give? On top of the money, the clinic gives its time, facilities and expertise. Do you know how many patients the Steadman Clinic treats yearly for free? Of course you don’t. You never checked.

I eagerly await your response to these questions, and I challenge you to produce something factual to back up your letter. Otherwise, you’re just another hater with a bone to pick with the clinic. And as you stated, you don’t live in Vail. So what’s your beef?

Rick Silverman


Editor’s note: None of the Steadman organizations own a private plane. They did fund the economic study, which is customary. They accept Medicare and Medicaid.

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