Vail Daily letter: Shocked and horrified |

Vail Daily letter: Shocked and horrified

Dennis Eakin
Vail, CO Colorado

My wife and I moved to this wonderful community last year with our two dogs. Sunday, we were sitting by the sidewalk having breakfast at Blu’s. There were several dogs with their owners hanging around the creek’s edge enjoying the midday weather. What happened next was shocking to all of us in the restaurant.

A young couple appeared accompanied by what looked like a golden retriever. As they approached the river’s bank, the man said something to his dog and threw an object some 20 feet out into the river. The unleashed dog ran into the river but stopped short of the swift current. All of us at the restaurant sat shocked and horrified but relieved to see the dog was smarter than his owner. Next, the man stood on a large rock dangling the dog’s leash over the swift current trying to get the dog to jump for it. Again, the dog showed his superior intelligence and is alive because of it.

Surely there must be some law violated in this situation. Trying to coach a dog to jump to his death still haunts me. Would Vail police have any influence in a situation like this? What should we have done?

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