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Vail Daily letter: Should raise taxes

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Vail, CO Colorado

None of us really likes to pay taxes, and all of us would like our country to achieve a balanced budget. Unfortunately, there are simple realities that make any reduction of taxes while we achieve a balanced budget impossible.

If we only funded Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, our national defense, Homeland Security, veterans benefits and the interest on our debt – we would barely balance the budget. Both income and expenditures would be approximately $2.4 trillion.

Then we add the expenditures for everything else. Surely every function in every department should be examined for waste, fraud and duplication. Earmarks, questionable social programs, crazy subsidies, foreign aid and operating all of the other departments should be considered for reduction or complete elimination. However, these are not the cause of our deficit, and we shouldn’t kid ourselves into believing that savings will result and our deficit will disappear.

So, if we add it all up, I believe that the cries for lower taxes and less government are truly inconsistent with our current national interests. And if you believe as I do that we should not be increasing the deficit, inviting inflation and passing greater interest payments on to our kids, then you should really support an increase in our tax rates. And I’m truly sorry about that!

David Le Vine Avon

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