Vail Daily letter: Show us the photos |

Vail Daily letter: Show us the photos

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO Colorado

Let me get this straight. The present administration has incarcerated enemy combatants (terrorists) on American soil, Gitmo, etc. These folks are awaiting trial after indictment and arrest pursuant to warrant issued upon a magistrate’s writ. The administration goes a step further, and mandates that these “defendants” be tried in a civilian court of law with all of the civil rights ascribed to a citizen. And all of this within the hallowed shadows of the World Trade Center – as we all can remember it to be.

The so-called “due process” afforded to Mr. bin Laden seems a bit incongruous and inconsistent with the rights afforded to the terrorists that frequent our own country, what with the subsumed “death warrant” issued by the president without even a grand jury indictment or trial. And this administration goes a step further by perpetrating an act of war in the invasion of a foreign sovereign (Pakistan) in order to execute the warrant. Now that is what I call an imperial executive order. After the pseudo-embellishments have worn off, we learn that this “defendant” (bin Laden) was unarmed and dwelling in his home surrounded by a number of children.

As there appears to be no “arrest warrant” in existence (only the imperial “death warrant”), the “hit” was executed with surgical skill by a highly skilled team of SEALs who followed their orders to the letter – no one can find fault with them.

Whether Mr. bin Laden needed to be killed because of his alleged conduct is beside the point. The tragedy in this whole play or “story line” is the extra-judicial process that seemingly is now tolerated and condoned by a majority of Americans in lock-step with their president. Ergo, there was no “due process” afforded to Mr. bin Laden, for he had already been convicted of high crimes by the media and White House propaganda machine. So why bother with an arrest warrant? As we now learn, the defendant could have been arrested, rather than killed, but that was not the order of the day.

What is even more dismaying, the body of the alleged Mr. bin Laden was disposed of at sea without an independent examination of his mortal remains, the publication of post mortem photographs or even the issuance of a “death certificate” with the confirmation of a doctor. All we have is the word from our government as to what happened, and even this story seems to equivocate. What the U.S. government has now spawned is an illusionary “death certificate” for Mr. bin Laden that is just as dubious as the mysterious “birth certificate” of Mr. Obama.

Why must this federal government operate in such hypocritical and furtive ways? Why can’t it be open, transparent and trust in the American people to digest the truth in the matter? The victims of 9/11 need closure. They need to finally gaze upon the face of their slayer. Mr. Obama needs to publish not only his own records, but also the photographs of the man he executed, Osama bin Laden.

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