Vail Daily letter: Sideline Sotomayor |

Vail Daily letter: Sideline Sotomayor

Robert Hemmerich
Vail, CO, Colorado

America has been blessed like no other nation with a view that all men should be equal “under” the law. This law must be constant and enduring; not fickle and given over to whim.

For law to be just, it must be applied uniformly without regard to race, sex, religion, financial status, education or whatever other identity mark distinguishes who we are.

If we replace “under” the law with “through” the law, we make law manipulative and prejudiced, aimed at fulfilling predetermined agendas causing inequalities and inequities to arise. Affirmative action laws, forced busing for racial integration, and other laws certainly fall into the category of governing by manipulation.

These laws continually lack application on an equal basis to all people and should have been rejected in Congress. Yet Congress is continually used to execute special interests through law. It takes a court system based in a philosophical view of law being concrete to overturn unjust laws. If we want an equal under the law bias on the Supreme Court, sideline Sotomayor.

Robert Hemmerich

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